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Terms of use

Terms of use

Important safety warnings:

It is of the utmost importance that anyone purchasing the lines read and understand all warnings and other information listed below

This product should be used for its intended application only. The misuse of ropes can be dangerous. Our products may only be used for the purpose they are designed for. Do not use as a towline. Damage may occur to the line, which may cause failure when used for its intended purpose. Inspect the rope before each use. Replace when signs of excessive deterioration are indicated by broken filaments or other obvious signs of wear on the rope. When securing ropes to cleats, pilings etc. be aware that fingers and hands can become caught between rope and fixe object due to unexpected movement of the boat (watercraft). Never have any part of the body between rope and fixed object as it may result in injury or amputation. Any well-designed and well-built product can become hazardous in the hands of a careless user. A knot will decrease the breaking strength of a rope and increases the risk of the line breaking during service. Any product will break if abused, misused or overused. The user is responsible for the proper application and supervision of the rope‘s use and assumes the user is familiar with the necessary safety precautions.

alderline GmbH assumes no responsibility for injury, damage or loss arising from the use of these lines, howsoever caused, or misapplication of any product. Responsibility for use decisions rests with the user.


Breaking Strength/Ultimate Strength:

Breaking Strength is the average force at which the product, in the condition it would leave the factory, has been found by representative testing to break, when a constantly increasing force is applied in direct line to the product at a uniform rate of speed on a standard pull-testing machine. Breaking Strengths, when published, were obtained under laboratory conditions that are almost always impossible to duplicate in actual use.