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After using Alderlines nearly 2 months, I can say that the product is absolutely essential for every boater. I have 39 ft Dragonfly 1200 docked at river with the ocean access. Docking is very challenging since currents are changing with tides twice a day. Additionally, with every passing boat there strong disturbance. The dock lines a holding very well. Materials are superb with great abrasion resistance.It does absorb shock nicely. I did follow instructions and my boat is perfectly aligned and stabilized even with frequent tide and current changes. The product addresses several issues: shock absorption, boat alignment with the dock, and keeping boat close to the dock with tide variations.
Unlike other products, this dock line from Alderline is a complete solution built to last for many year. I would recommend it to every sailor without hesitation.

Maxim MD

— Captain Maxim
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Our harbor is exposed and the shock line by Alderline keeps our safe boat secure. They are well made and stand up in challenging environments – Thank you.

— Captain Jack
Watch Hill, Rhode Island


I sent you this pic of my Boat with your Shock lines. I had no problems during the summer in storms.
This is the first summer that I had no damage to my boat due to storms. Thank you again for this wonderful product.

— Captain Rhonda
Arlington, Virginia


Around here we often have windy conditions. Due to the convenient integrated shock absorber there is a gentle stretch in the dock line which helps to limit the stress on cleats and pilings, are easy to clean, and to store and maintain. I can really recommend the dock lines from alderline to my boating friends.

— Captain Bill
Alpharetta, Georgia


Recently I got these dock lines with an integrated shock absorber. I never seen this kind of docking lines before. The dock lines help to avoid stress on cleats due to changing tides and rough water. I’m glad to have these dock lines for my new Ranger as they far exceed what I had been using.

— Captain Tim
Cape Coral, Florida



This is just what we were looking for all the time! These dock lines are great! Giving the boat just enough space to move around gently. We can highly recommend this product! Once you have tried it you will never want to miss it again!

— Julie
Cape Coral, Florida


I’m so happy with alderline, I feel safe with these dock lines.
Recently I was in a waterfront restaurant and tied up my boat on their boat dock. Suddenly there came a big thunderstorm. I felt so safe when sitting in the restaurant and seeing my boat swinging in the water due to the fantastic shock absorber.
Thanks, Captain Erwin, it is a great dock line.

— Captain Steve
Naples, Florida



My 22ft Hurricane Fun Deck is moored at the Northern Neck of Virginia. I'm in a deep water creek, brackish water, off the Corrotoman river. Most days the water is calm, however, when hurricanes are approaching, tropical storms do move this boat around causing yanks on the lines which have caused damage to the side panels, just from the jarring caused. This happened twice now. I stumbled upon these alderlines in a desperate search for something that could help with the shock during storms. I put them on my boat and carefully watched the movement of the boat for a few days. These dock lines are great!!! When the boat gets blown all around in the slip, there is an easy and gentle stretch in the rope that prevents any hard yank which will save my pilings and the metal siding around my boat, and also the cleats. There is a tide in this creek which I also have to take into consideration when attaching the dock lines, so the ropes will stretch a little to help with the low tides due to lack of rain in August. I'm very pleased with these high quality docking lines and the high quality help I have received from Captain Alder. I forgot to mention that I have tried the rubber snubbers sold at Marine shops. These dock lines are great because the Magic is built into the rope itself.
These ropes relieve a lot of stress and worry for me when I'm away from my boat.

— Captain Rhonda
Arlington, Virginia